The B.E.A.T. - Overview
The Brilliantly Entertaining Acoustic Tapper, or The B.E.A.T. is a highly immersive (an addicting if you ask us) new game for the iOS platform. Building on strong audio analysis technology and unique gameplay, The B.E.A.T. looks to fill that hole in every music lover's game collection.

The B.E.A.T. allows you to immerse yourself in YOUR OWN music. Simply select a song from your music library and challenge your reflexes to a race against The B.E.A.T.

Using custom audio processing, The B.E.A.T. adapts uniquely to the rhythm, tempo and beat of the chosen song. Each new song presents an opportunity for new challenge. Only the fastest of fingers will allow you to master over 30 combinations of gameplay. Whether you are a beginner starting out with the easy difficulty or working your way through blackout mode on the most insane of difficulties, novices and veterans alike will find their perfect challenge.

The B.E.A.T. features over 30 combinations of game play experiences:

  • 3 Different Board Types! Play your way thorough 5 Bars, 8 Bars and 8 Bars Split!
  • 3 Different Game Modes
    • Classic - Keep up with The B.E.A.T. and don't let the bars max out!
    • Endless - Bar size isn't a factor in this endless mode! Play to the song is complete!
    • Blackout - Put a different spin on the game, is it easier or is it harder when you're field of vision is limited?
  • 5 Difficulty Modes - Ranging from Easy to Insane (and we're not kidding about that!) there's a difficulty suited for the newest of players through the most experienced beaters!

How To Play

Once you have chosen your song, the race begins! As the song makes its way through its own unique rhythms and beats, stacking columns start growing and lighting up. Tapping a lit column will make it shrink, but tap quickly, as the lit up columns can swap in the blink of an eye! Fall too far behind and your game may be over before your song is!

If your fingers are fast enough you'll be rewarded with more powerful taps that really start shrinking those columns down and boosting your score to the sky. Can you get the ever elusive 5 Gold Star rating?

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