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Hi! Who are you?

Why hello! Good of you to join us, please have a seat.

Tired Eyes Entertainment is an indie game developer that wants to bring the fun back into game development. In the day and age of thousands of free, or virtually free, games at our finger tips, something has been lost in the development of games. Often more focus is put on getting a game out there, and promoted then it is on actually developing a fun, quality game.

Seems like a good philosophy, where did you come from?

"Everything is created twice. Once in your imagination and once in reality" -- Famous Inspirational Quote

When our imagination took us to the idea of a game company that is more about fun and more about game design then it is about buzz words, we thought that sounded like a great idea, so we decided to create it in reality. Fueled by the imagination, Tired Eyes Entertainment, founded in 2010, has a staff that brings over 15 years of software development experience to the table.

Why did it take almost 2 years for your first game to come out?

Good Question! Our debut title, The B.E.A.T. wasn't our first game concept. After starting work on two or three previous titles we realized that the creation, in reality wasn't living up to the creation in our imagination. The previous titles just were not fun enough for us to develop. Since developing the games has to be fun for us, in order for playing them to be fun for you, we started over again. And again. And Again. We can't be more happy that we did. We love playing The B.E.A.T. and hope you do too!

Isn't the marketing department extremely unhappy with this "About Us" page?

Hmm good point. We'll just tell them it's an "innovative" idea and they should be fine!